Building Online Communities: Save on Marketing Costs by 50%

Saving on Marketing Costs by 50%
Saving on Marketing Costs by 50%
Saving on Marketing Costs by 50% by Building Online Communities.

Saving on Marketing Costs by 50% by Building Online Communities! Today we bring to you a subject close to our heart on Building Online Communities in Healthcare. As rightly said “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about” – Margaret Wheatly.

Healthcare communities are extremely effective as they represent HCP within the same specialization and with common interest. No wonder we have Medical Associations everywhere; covering all the major towns and cities For example, Pune city has 22 registered location specific Medical Associations and on a Pan India level we have 134 recorded Super Specialization Medical Associations.

However, we can digitally reach a much larger population through effective community building and make sure our members are engaged with latest content and updates in their specialization.

Online Healthcare Communities have known to be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Support & Assistance:

It’s easier to get support from fellow Doctors in an Online Community through a simple message or post. That way the community is always available to help each other. For example: As simple post on Hidoc generates a minimum of 34 responses.

  • Address New Ideas:

An online community always discusses new ideas and addresses problems often resulting into unexpected solutions in many cases. For example: The first Zika Virus case in 2018 was reported on Hidoc Dr by the treating Physician. Moreover, the supplementing article was also reported for any required assistance.

  • Reputation and Credibility:

Members value Online Communities as it allows them to build reputation and credibility through their suggestions, support and ideas shared among community members.

  • Cost Saving:

As members group into communities they trust their community members more on advice compared to Google or Quora or other Q&A platforms. For example: A positive influence on a single community member of a drug brand can lead to the entire community prescribing that brand. According to Gartner community building can reduce Marketing costs by 50%.

  • Customer Loyalty:

As the focus is always on helping, assisting and working towards the benefit of each other Community Members are more loyal compared to non-community members. Furthermore, the switching costs of community members is much more higher resulting in higher stickiness and lower cost of retention.  

About Hidoc Communities:

Hidoc Dr. is a community of 4.2 Lakh audited Doctors across India. Hidoc Dr. assists your brand, division, organization to build customized communities with highly relevant content including focused articles, medical cases, learning series, CME Videos and many other features.

Hidoc Dr. communities have shown to be more effective 70x times than a MR visit and 15x times other Digital competitors. Moreover, Hidoc Dr. communities are cost effective and an easy way to build brand awareness about your products among Doctors. To see our entire list of articles click here.

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