Recent searches in the digital platform by the General Practitioners- An observational study.

In medical profession, a general practitioner (GP) is a medical person who treats acute and chronic illnesses and also provides preventive and health care education. In the Entire blog below we’ll cover Recent searches in the digital platform

Role of GP varies between countries, precisely in a country like India GP’s have to play more a role of an extended family member as well, hence, GP’s in India are more fondly known as family physicians.

They are the first point where patients in Indian scenario meet in case of any health problem.

Recent searches in the digital platform

With the advent of the Novel coronavirus, more commonly referred to as COVID-19, rapidly developed pandemic and significant burden on health care currently.

GP’s are increasingly aware that with the best care, we must look for the updated information to solve complex questions asked by the patient regarding the disease and the treatment.

Recent searches in the digital platform

Highlighting on the current situation many General Practitioners in India as well looked for information sources to bridge the gap to stay abreast with the latest medical information in the field.

Inidan population is served by has about 1.8 million medical doctors of which 20% are GP’s.

5% of searches on digital platforms are health-related. On average, a GP performs 15-20 searches a day during their work the study said.

We have come with the most frequent searches the GP’s made recently and put them under four main pointers.

Most frequently searched keywords by GP’s on Hidoc Dr.“Most Updated” and “Most Trusted data on treatment of Covid-19 and its Vaccine
Recent searches in the digital platform

With increasing rise in understanding the preventive and prophylactic medicines along with scientific evidence, and In Recent searches in the digital platform.

Recent searches in the digital platform
Top most searched drugs by the GP’s  Paracetamol
Doxycycline Methylprednisolone
Vit D
Zinc supplements
Immune boosters remained

The role of drugs from the alternative systems of medicines was common amongst the most frequent searches by the doctors to keep no stone unturned.

Most frequent searches on alternative treatment by the GP’sMulethi
Arsenicum album and

Hundreds of articles and clinical studies globally aim to discover an effective line of treatment for COVID-19; however, study showed following mentioned case studies and articles were searched by most number of the practitioners.

Here goes the list of articles read to understand the behaviour of the virus and symptoms it produced and preventive measures to be taken.

Recent searches in the digital platform
Most frequently read articles  Crushing effects of COVID-19 on medical practice
COVID 19 Role of Family physician
long COVID symptoms-persistent symptoms after Covid-19
How Corona Virus has made life an emergency drill for medics  
Most frequently read research paper  Respiratory support in COVID-19 patients, with the focus of resource-limited settings’,
Effect of early oxygen therapy and antiviral treatment on the disease,
Utility of High Nasal flow oxygen: A safe, efficient treatment.
The role of Remdesivir in COVID-19 infection
 ‘Effectiveness on convalescent plasma therapy in severe COVID 19 patients’  

Today we live in a world where the monopoly of information of professionals has been shattered forever. So the only ways to combat misinformation is being updated and provide accurate and authentic information. This blog basically summarises the growing use of the search for authentic information via digital health platforms like Hidoc Dr by the practioner’s to keep them updated.

We believe that one way of squaring the circle would be for GPs to make greater use of the wider primary care team, including nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals, thereby enabling doctors to focus on what they can do best, such as the assessment and management of poorly differentiated symptoms. Whether current reforms, designed to introduce choice and competition into general practice, will deliver benefits is less certain; or to be more precise, whether the probable improvements in some aspects of general practice (e.g. responsiveness) might be at the expense of problems in other areas (e.g. equity) remains to be seen. Hope you enjoyed reading on Recent searches in the digital platform.

All the above information is helpful for the pharma managers. It gives a clear idea of how they need to place their communication. This would eventually help them to grow their business.

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